U8 - 3 Station Practice Plan #5

Warm Up

Free time on ice with toys, pucks, objects - 10 minutes

Station #1

Coach's call - 15 minutes

Station #2

Freeze Tag - 15 minutes

Station #3

3 vs 3 Cross Ice - 15 minutes

This cross ice small area game allows the coach to decide how many players from each team will play in each round.


Place two mini nets facing each other like you would in regular 3 vs 3 cross ice. The coach has the pucks in the middle of the ice at the edge of the zone (blue line). The players are split into two teams on each side of the coach.

How to play

The coach starts each round by calling out a number for each team and dumping a puck into the zone. That number of players from each team will jump into the game. The teams play until a goal is scored or the coach blows the second whistle. Then the coach will call out new numbers for each team and a new round begins.

Credit: Animation and diagram produced using Hockey Coach Vision.

Length of Time: 
15 minutes
Station Number: 

One of the greatest traditions in all of youth sports could be the traditional game of Freeze Tag. The reason this game is great for the Mite / Novice age level is because is requires players to use awareness, edges, stop & starts, and agility. Designate new players for each round or have the coaches be all time "IT".

This game can be played on quarter ice stations, third ice stations, and sixth ice stations. It depends on the number of players. For 10 - 15 players the quarter ice and third ice station sizes work well. Less thean that then the sixth ice station size works well.

Length of Time: 
15 minutes
Station Number: 

This is a basic cross ice 3 vs 3. Depending on your numbers and the age level you can do 4 vs 4 as well. Keep in mind one of the goals is to get every player engaged and a lot of puck touches.

Set Up

Place two nets cross ice facing each other with three players from each team in the playing area. In this set up the goals are moved up to the face-off dots. This allows more space behind the nets and allows for more plays and shots on net. Allow the players to play for 60 - 90 seconds then blow the whistle for a shift change.

Length of Time: 
15 Minutes
Station Number: