U8 - 4 Station Practice Plan #8

Warm Up Activity - 10 minutes

Full ice Brittish Bulldog with pucks

Line Skating - 10 minutes

Inside edges - outside edges

Station #1 - 10 minutes

Quarter ice obstacle course #2

Station #2 - 10 minutes

1 vs 1 with mini nets and mulitple games

Station #3 - 10 minutes

Gates, tires, triangles

Station #4 - 10 minutes

Continuous pass & shoot

This game is inspired by the soccer activity with the same name. Another great warm up activity that will get players excited and ramp up the energy for practice. Players can use pucks or ringettes. In some cases it might be best to only let the advanced players use pucks. This game promotes creativity, awareness, and decision making. It also provide a game that works on their puck control and ability to handle the puck (or ringette) with their head up.

How to Play

The players line up on the goal line with a puck (or ringette) on their stick. Place 3 - 4 coaches or players in the middle (the bulldogs). On the whistle the players will try to skate from one end to the other without getting their puck (or ringette) stolen by the "bulldogs". The "bulldogs" must stay between the blue lines.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 
Warm Up
Coach's Notes: 

With Pucks

This obstacle course is geared for advanced players at the mite / novice (u8) age level. It includes the following skating fundamentals:

  • forward to backwards transition
  • backwards skating
  • backwards to forwards transition
  • two foot jumps
  • cross-overs
  • one foot step overs
  • forward stride

Set Up

To view the layout of the objects be sure to view the diagram. Place a cone about 20 feet straight in front of the line and a second cone slightly staggered almost back at the goal line. Then slightly after the first cone place two borders about 5 feet apart. Next place 4 cones in a square far eough apart so that players can do cross-overs around them. Then place 4 sticks about 3 feet apart at the outer edges of the station as shown.

It might be best to allow players a few test runs before you start the actual races. This way you can have several players going at once and they get more repetitions.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 

This is a simple 1 vs 1 game using mini nets and therefore no goalies are required. The only variation with this game is that the coach may have multiple games going on at once. Therefore, players need to be aware of their surroundings and play with their head up. As opposed to a normal 1 on 1 game where you know there is only 1 other player on the ice and therefore you don't need to pay as much attention to your surroundings. It is up to the coach to decide how many games to allow at one time.

Coaching Points

Just let players play and encourage them to compete hard.

Credit: Diagram was produced using Hockey Coach Vision

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 

This small area activity allows players a chance to work on skating and stickhandling fundamentals in a creative way. It is a good station drill to compliment work on basic stick handling and control turns.


Use a combination of tires, cones, and sticks to create three types of obstacles. Cones will represent the gates and are to be placed in pairs. Tires can be placed on their own and the triangles are represented by a tire with a stick leaning on it. All of these objects are placed randomly throughout the station.

How It Works

All players will carry a puck and skate around the station. When they come to a tire they do a full 360 turn around the tire while controlling the puck. When they come to a gate (pair of cones) they do a figure eight around both cones. When they come to a triangle they slide the puck under the stick as if they are attacking the triangle of a defender.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 
Continuous Pass & Shoot Station

This is a good station for kids to work on passing and shooting. It is continuous so it requires kids to maintain focus and introduces them to passing and receiving on the move. To start the drill Player #1 will carry the puck down to the opposite net and shoot. The player should work on stopping at the net and then a quick first three strides to get a loose puck. Once they get a loose puck the next player from the other line (Player #2) skates up ice, receives a pass from Player #1 and shoots on net. Player #2 will then stop at the net, get a loose puck, and make a pass to Player #3. The drill continues back and forth.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: