U8 - 4 Station Practice Plan #7

Warm Up Activity - 10 minutes

Free time with toys on the ice

Line Skating - 10 minutes

Knee bend - inside & outside edges

Station #1 - 10 minutes

Quarter ice obstacle course #1

Station #2 - 10 minutes

1 vs 1 vs 1 with mini nets

Station #3 - 10 minutes

Astroids with tennis balls

Station #4 - 10 minutes

Slalom races with shots

This obstacle course works on inside edges, jumps, balance, and control turns.

Set Up

Divide up players into two teams and place in two lines on the goal line. The first set of obstacles is 5 staggered cones. After the cones place 4 sticks perpendicular to the path about 4 feet apart. One tire should be placed at the far side of the station. Along each edge there should be a smal barrier or a stick on top of a cone (something high enough for players to jump over).

How the race is run

On the first set of obstacles the players do inside edges around the cones. Then they do one foot step overs across all four sticks. At the tire they do a full control turn all the way around the tire. Then they skate back towards the line and do two footed jumps over the barriers along the way.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 

This is a great small area game for the kids. It encourages creativity and competition while giving all players lots of opportunity for success.


The setup requires three mini nets and at least 6 players. The nets should be set up in a triangle formation (see diagram). Each player will claim a net and stand in front of it to start. The coach will blow the whistle and throw a puck into the middle of the playing area.


Players try score a goal in either of the other players nets while protecting goals from being scored on their own net. The coach should try to keep track of how many goals each player scores in each round. They get 1 point for a goal scored on another players net and -1 point for goals allowed on their own net.

Credit: The diagram was produced using Hockey Coach Vision

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 

TIme for fun! While the kids will love this game they don't even realize how much they are actually working on fundamentals. They have to multi-task and be aware of what is going on in two directions while using edge to change directions and be agile.


Place an abundance of tennis balls at each end of the station. Mark off a playing area using cones that is similar to what is shown in the diagram. Place two coaches at each end who will be shooting tennis balls back and forth.

How to Play

The coaches will shoot tennis balls back and forth trying to hit the players skating around in the middle. If a player is hit they must drop down on both knees. They can come alive again when they are touched by another player. The round is over when there are no more active players.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 

Add some competition to your practice with this drill while working on footspeed, agility, control turns, and scoring. If you have access to two nets then split your half of the ice into two equal sections as shown in the diagram. Line the nets up even with the face off dots and place one line on each side. The tires or cones should be set up as shown.

On the whistle players start by going to the outside of the first tire. At the last tire the players do a control turn all the way around the tire starting on the inside. The coach will  play a 50/50 puck towards the net and the players will compete for the puck the first player to touch the puck is on offense and the second player becomes the defender and backchecks against the player with the puck.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 
Ability Level: