Total Body Off-Ice Hockey Workout

This is a great all around off-ice workout for hockey players. It does involve weights so make sure players are of a correct age and have proper supervision.

Front Squat with Barbell

5 sets of 5 (2 minutes rest)

Super Set #1

Romanian snatch grip deadlift with Barbell

In this version of the deadlift you can have a slightly wider grip as well as a slight knee bend. This exercise targets the entire posterior chain.

4 sets of 8 (10 seconds rest)

Chest support dumbell  rows

4 sets of 12 (2 minutes rest)

Super Set #2

Front foot elevated split squat with Barbell

4 sets of 8 per leg (10 secs rest])

Flat neutral dumbbell bench press

The neutral grip variation is great for hockey players because it is more joint friendly and can help reduce shoulder injuries.

4 sets of 12 (90 secs rest)

Palov Press

3 sets of 10 per side (1 minute rest)

Jump rope HIIT

A five minute finishing exercise where you do five 30 second intervals of jump roping.

5 sets of 30 secs hard, 30 secs easy