Lower Body Power Workout for Hockey Players


Here is a lower body power workout.

Super Set #1

Bulgarian Split Squats with Barbell

5 sets of 3 per leg (15 seconds rest)

The Bulgarian Split Squats are one of my favorite exercises for hockey players. I personally think it has more bang for the buck as far as hockey performance goes over any other lower body exercise. It corrects structural imbalances, it builds muscle, and it opens up the hips which so many hockey players need help with.

Depth Box Jumps

5 sets of 3 (minutes rest)

This exercise is the definition of plyometrics. This is one of the more advnaced plyometric exercises you can do in the game. It really allows hockey players to get that first step quickness. Anything vertical we are after that acceleration capacity and it will also help you change directions quickly. More than anything it will help with the first step quickness to allow you to get to loose pucks first. 

Super Set #2

Conventional Deadlift with Barbell

5 sets of 3 (15 seconds rest)

This is one of the best total body exercises in the game. What is most important here is the horizontal hip extension that we are getting. That extension is the opposite of the vertical extension we were getting with the Bulgarian Split Squat and the Depth Box Jump. These are very important for decelleration and top speed.

Broad Jump

5 sets of 3 (2 minutes rest)

In this exercise you want to be as explosive as possible because that is what will help you gain the decelleration and top speed that you need on the ice. We have done a lot of broad jumps here at hockeytraining.com and that is for a reason. After the Deadlift we rest 15 seconds and move right into the Broad Jump in order to be as explosive as possible.

Super Set #3 (Tri-Set)

Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunge With Dumbell

3 sets of 8 (30 seconds rest)

You are going to be doing all your reps on one leg back to back to back before moving to the other leg. This is a great exercise for knee stabilization, hip mobilization, and overall lower body strength. 

One-Leg One-Arm DB Romanian Deadlifts

3 sets of 8 (30 seconds rest)

This is a very advanced exercise but advanced exercises give you a lot of return on investment. You are going to gain a lot of strength through the posterior chain but what is most important here is that you are getting cross-posterior chain strength. Cross body strength is very important for athletic movements because almost everything you do is cross body out there on the ice whether you are shooting, skating, or exploding in different directions. Cross body power is where its at!

Standing Calf Raise

3 sets of 15 (90 seconds rest)

This is a great exercise for hockey players because we are going to be tackling the gastrocnemius muscle. Now notice Kevin's tempo is quite explosive here.  He is coming up very fast and that is because the gastrocnemius is a fast twitch muscle fiber. It is also a knee stabilizer for hockey athletes and something we need to skate faster on the ice.