Hockey Speed Workout Using Body Weight Only

The great thing about this workout is that you don't need anything except for a little bit of space. All of the exercises use minimal space and only body weight and focus on speed for hockey players. Superset #1 focuses on vertical power output. Superset #2 focuses on horizontal power output and Superset #3 focuses on full body kinetic chain work. The reason for this is that vertical power is different from horizontal power and different from kinetic chain work. Vertical power, backed by data, helps hockey players with explosive speed and acceleration. A lot of people don't know that speed is separated into many categories such as your starting speed, top speed, acceleration, and deceleration. A lot of these things are trainable qualities so we have to know what exercises train what quality so we can make hockey players not just fast in one area but fast in all areas.

Superset #1 - Combination of Split Squats Into Return Stances and Quarter Squats Into Squat Jump

So this fist superset focuses on the vertical power which translates to more explosiveness and acceleration on the ice.

Split Squat Into Return Stance

3 sets of 3 per leg (no rest)

Quarter Squats Into Squat Jump

3 sets of 8 (90 seconds rest)

Superset #2 - Broad Jumps and Single Leg Hip Thrusts

This next superset helps hockey players with their top speed and deceleration by focusing on horizontal power. It also helps with deceleration which is important for injury management and agility, including the ability to start and stop quickly.

Broad Jumps 

3 sets of 6 jumps

Single Leg Hip Thrusts

3 sets of 8 per side

Superset #3 - Lateral Reaching Lunges and Mountain Climber Burpees

Lateral Reaching Lunge

4 sets of 5 per leg (no rest)

Mountain Climber Burpee

4 sets of 4 (90 seconds rest)