Hockey Speed Workout

This workout focuses on speed and will help you become an all-around faster skater with more:

  • explosiveness
  • acceleration
  • higher top end speed

Box Jumps

The first exercise is vertical box jumps. This exercise has shown to increase explosiveness and acceleration. In this workout, you do only 1 repetition per set so that you get the max out of each rep. Do 8 sets with 30 seconds rest.

8 sets x 1 rep (30 seconds rest)

Triple Broad Jumps

Jump as far as you can with two feet three times in a row. This exercise helps you improve your top speed on the ice by focusing on horizontal power. Cover as much ground as you can with each jump.

6 sets x 1 rep (60 seconds rest)

Mountain Climber Sprints

Sprint 25 yards after doing 3 mountain climbers. These are designed to force you to alternate which leg you are exploding from so you do not develop a dominant leg.

6 sets of 25 yards (75 seconds rest)

Tri Set

The next three exercises are a tri-set so you do each exercise back to back and then rest for 90 seconds before doing all three back to back again. Do three sets using the following exercises:

  • Split Squat Jumps - 5 per leg
  • Plank for 60 seconds
  • Ankle Pogo Hops - 8 reps

3 sets with 90 seconds rest

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