Supporting Fundamentals


awl5038 on 9/21/2018

RW and LW start on weak sides. RW starts in LD position. LD is on the hashmarks.

Faceoff won to the LW, quick pass to the RW, for a one timer.  

RW then goes to the net, switching with LD to get back to normal offensive and defensive positions.

RW must be prepared to play defense, on  a shot block, or blocked pass, from LW.

LW should read the play, to make sure the pass to RW is there.  Pass should be quick andon the taoe.  

C needs to stay with opposing C, not allowing a pass break up, then crashing the net, on the shot.

This play could also work by using a right handed D, for the shot, and keeping wings in traditional position.  The wings should still play on the weak side, so that a left handed winger is making the initial pass.

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