Neutral Zone Shock

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This is a neutral zone face off play for the offensive blue line.  The Left Wing and Right Wing switch places with the Defense but are offset so that the player near the boards lines up directly behind the center (in this diagram the RW). The player on the inside (LW) lines up just outside of the defense (LD).  At the drop of the puck, the center tries to tie up the opponent's center.  RW comes in to get the puck.  If RW gets the puck he attacks their inside defense (RD) and then slides a pass into space where the other wing is flying.


EDZA_EAST on 11/10/2014

Hi Fran,

Worked on this in practice with all my BANTAM AAA lines for about 5 minutes each. Did a few draws on the left and right NZ dots and explained in the dressing room the fine details on how it might work and when. I allowed them to call it when they saw the right opportunity to do so. We tried it unsuccessfully a few times first, reviewed our tape to see how to perfect it and VOILA!!! We had a big team who was asleep in the first period , the center-man quietly called "shock", players got in position deceptively just before the linesman dropped the puck and it worked magically. We've used it several times since with better then 50% success rate at getting the puck to the net with a quality shot and even 2 goals.


Fran Mc Garvey on 9/30/2014

in this drill defense take the place of the wings and lock up if the face off is won.

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