Neutral Zone Forecheck 2-1-2

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Denis discusses how to play a 2-1-2 neutral zone forecheck.  The main idea is to force the uck to the walls and have the strong side defense pressure hard along the wall.  To do this the two wingers pressure the opponent's two defensive players hard and take away D to D passes forcing them to look for an outlet along the wall.  The center takes away the middle of the ice and can never get beat up ice by the opponents center,  they also become the safety in case of a breakdown. When the puck is passed to the outside then the strong side defense will pressure hard and try to create a turnover.  The center can provide support when a turnover is created.


LeSerge on 11/5/2019

new approach for goldwings

CoachRogo on 9/4/2018

Aggressive Forecheck 

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