Neutral Zone Face-Off Rim - Offensive Blue Line

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The goal of this neutral zone face off is to gain possession of the puck in the offensive zone. The first step is for the Center to win the face-off back to the defense.  If it goes to RD, LD opens up in the middle of the ice to receive a pass from RD.  If LD get the puck they just skate it to the middle of the ice.  In both scenarios, RD has to gain the red line and rim the puck hard around the boards.

The right wing has to expect the hard rim and time their skate into the offfensive zone so that they stay on-sides and can be the first player to the puck along the wall.

The center should provide close support for the right wing along the wall so they out number any singel opponent near the puck.

The left wing should skate towards the net and provide an option for the right wing to cycle the puck deep into the zone.



RWEIR1281 on 4/26/2018

Basic draw to gain the zone. 

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