Designated Sniper Offensive Zone Face-Off

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In this offensive zone face off play the idea is to set up the right winger with a one-time shot opportunity in the slot. In this diagram the right handed shot should be a designated SNIPER! Of course this can be run from the other side using a left handed shot. The play is starts with a win back to the board side defense. The puck goes D to D and then down to the off-side winger who has gone around the net. Usually they will have lost any defensive coverage and should be open. At the same time the designated SNIPER has circled high into the slot and is timing their break into the slot. The off-side winger then looks to deliver the puck to the SNIPER in the slot.


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kjr2006 on 10/29/2018

face off option

awl5038 on 9/21/2018

This play will take some time to develop, so the D need to be able to control the puck well, and make good passes.

LW will need to move quickly, around the back of the net, to create space, to receive a pass.

RW needs to hold off opposing W, slightly, to create time for D to move the puck.  RW must also time the loop, so that he is crashing the slot, as the LW gets the puck.  RW should take a quick shot, in the slot.

C is holding off opposing C, to give the play time to develop.  C then crashes the net, looking for rebound.

Passes from D to D, D to LW, and LW to RW, need to be quick and tape to tape.  

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