Defensive Zone Jailbreak - Face Off

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The defensive zone jail break defensive zone face off can be used to generate offense. This defenisve zone face-off play comes with some risk because the center is trying to play the puck right into the slot. The reason it can be successful is because most opposing centers will not be expecting your center to try to win the face-off to that area. Your center is just trying to play the puck forward from their forehand side to the slot area. Therefore, if the face-off is to your goalie's right then your center needs to be left handed and if it is to your goalie's right then they should be right handed. The players responsibilities are as follows:

  • Center needs to play the puck forward with their forehand towards the slot area
  • Center needs to beat their center up the ice after they win the face-off and look to join make it an odd-man rush
  • Inside defense has to tie up their forward which should be hard since typically that foreward is trying to do do the same thing
  • Inside forward will first check towards the dot to help out the center and then skate up ice to help create the odd man rush
  • Weak side forward will anticipate the puck going into the slot and look to get possession of any loose puck in the slot

In order to implement this face-off look to make sure the other team will be vulnerable to this. If they place their defense low in the zone closer to the slot then the percentage of is not a good.

The best time to use it is when they place a foward on the weak side coming behind their center (which is very common) and their inside forward is aggressive and likes to move foward right when the puck is dropped. This helps clear the lane so the chances of getting the puck into the desired space increase.

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Comments on 2/18/2019

Strong hand face off

Kasinaka0753 on 1/7/2019


TPP14 on 9/2/2018

Clay and Jake check this out want to teach next week in our three practices.

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