Cycling in Offensive Zone - Basic Option #2

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Here is another option for cycling the puck in the offensive zone. This option also begins once the players get possession in the offensive zone.

  • player with puck possession plays it to the corner
  • player in front of the net goes to corner for support
  • now the player that played the puck to the corner can go back down the wall for a switch with the puck carrier
  • the player that leaves the puck can now look for a pass back from the puck carrier
  • the player that started in the high slot will go in front of the net


Labelle05 on 1/9/2019

Cycle offensif #2

hockeyeli9 on 10/4/2018

use optin 1 and progress to option 2 & 3 as boys grasp concept. 

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