Cycling in Offensive Zone - Basic Option #1

Cycling in Offensive Zone - Basic Option #1
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This animation diagrams the basic concept of cycling in the offensive zone. This is a good one for young hockey players to watch. This option shows a simple rotation in one direction. The idea is that players maintain a good triangle shape and rotate positions. Once the players have established puck possession there should always be a player high in the slot, a player in front of the net, and the puck carrier protecting the puck up the wall. Once this is established:

  • puck carrier protects the puck as they move up the wall
  • player in front of the net goes to the corner to suppert puck carrier
  • puck carrier plays the puck off the wall back towards the corner
  • player in the slot goes to the front of the net
  • puck carrier that plays the puck goes to the high slot ready for a pass
  • this rotation can continue until a scoring chance is acheived


bahotch on 2/19/2019
mattbernard10 on 2/9/2019

Cycle 1

Labelle05 on 1/9/2019

Cycle offensif 1

Labelle05 on 1/9/2019

Cycle offensif #3

Labelle05 on 1/9/2019

Cycle offensif #1

tstauffacher on 11/28/2018
Work hard

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