Box and One Pick

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This is a pick play that can be run from the Box and One formation.  The main idea of the box and one is to move the puck quickly between P1, P2, P4, and P5 to spread out the Penalty Killers.  When the Penalty Killers are spread out then the idea is to feed the puck to P3 for a shot from the slot.  If that is not working, then this play is an option.  In this diagram, P4 has the puck and moves towards P5,  P5 then also moves towards P4 to receive a drop pass behind the net.  When P3 sees this, they set a pick on K3 just off to the side of the net and allow P5 to carry the puck out from behind the net.  To avoid an interference call while setting the pick, P3 needs to back into K3  with thier back facing the net as though they are trying to screen the goalie. It will then appear to as though K3 is tryin to defend P3. If it looks like P3 is setting a block on K3 then they are at risk for getting an interference penalty.  P5 has two options as they carry the puck out from behind the net, they can either shoot or make a back door pass to P4. 


jmarshall728 on 7/18/2015
Power Play Box working behind the net to move to front

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