Backchecking vs. 3 on 2 - Strong Side

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norreh on 10/5/2020

based on the situation the backchecker or F3 needs to be aggressive and catch up to puck carrier by the blue line as diagrammed. By doing so the blueline acts as a fourth defender and doesnt allow that long pass along a 'lane' otherwise they put the pass receiver Steviegm refers to off side.  Additionally by playing a passive weakside approach as he refers to you lend to more chance of a 1v1 situation on boards turning into a chip and retrieve and a low cycle that may lead to 2v1 situations lower in your Dzone and that is asking for trouble. 

steviegm on 5/12/2020

I disagree with this logic; in this situation, if the backchecker takes the player who passes the puck wide, it is a 3 on 3 situation. In the situation you have diagrammed, once the strong side D moves to take the puck carrier who just received the pass in the neurtal zone and the backchecker follows, there is a lane for a return pass to the original puck carrier down the middle for a 2 on 1 inside the offensive zone.

I see the better option as the backchecker staying with the original puck carrier who made the pass wide. 

Just my thoughts.

Logz33 on 12/17/2019

Back check 

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