Backchecking vs. 3 on 2 - Strong Side

Backchecking vs. 3 on 2 - Strong Side
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Backchecking to the strong side means applying backside pressure to the puck carrier. It makes a lot of sense for the backchecker at times to apply this backside pressure as opposed to skate to the opposite side of the ice to the weak side. It is a more agresive play but it also leaves the weak side vulnerable.  Therefore, the strong side defense and the backchecker have to work together to limit the space of the puck carrier and make it tough for them to make a play to the middle of the ice. They need to work together to create a turnover.  Here are the key points:

  • defense reads backchecker applying backside pressure
  • defense closes gap and has good stick trying to eliminate pass to the middle
  • defense in middle still has to respect attacker drving to the net
  • backchecker has to move feet until they are on defensive side of puck carrier
  • backchecker is aggressive and tries to create turnover
  • strong side defense cleans up and gains possession on turnover

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