Westminster 3 on 3

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This is a fun 3 on 3 game that works well if you have 9-12 players (not including goalies) .  For younger teams you could make this a 4 on 4 game as well.  It is a typical 3 on 3 game where the teams play until there is a goal.  The team that scores stays in the game and the losing team is replaced by the bumpers that are aligned on the blue line.  The new team is the only team allowed to use the bumpers, therefore giving the new team a distinct advantage over the winning team. The idea is to move the puck to your advantage when the bumpers are available.  It also levels the field of play so that one team is not always staying in the game.  

In the diagram, if the yellow team scores then the green team will replace the blue team.  The blue team then lines up on the blue line and are available for passes from the green team.


Janesville Inhouse 2017 on 3/19/2018

This can be done in a half ice scenario as well.  Divide into 2 groups and rotate according to small area game. 

Janesville Inhouse 2017 on 3/19/2018

could be real fun

coachmac on 11/3/2016

Teams play for 30 second shifts.

Teaching points are quick puck movement and feet are to be moving at all times.

If the puck comes outside the blue line the coach fires another puck into the zone to keep the play alive.

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