Two Tire Shooting Warm Up

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This hockey warm up drill gives shots to the goalies from different angles and at the same time incorporates some puck control skills and passing. It is a good drill to incorporate into the warm up portion of your practice.

To set up this drill split players into two lines in opposite corners starting at the hash marks and have pucks at the start of each line. Two players from each line will go on each whistle. Player 1 will skate the puck up the wall into the neutral zone and make a pass to the coach between the tires. At the second tire the player transitions backwards and calls for the puck to recieve it back from the coach. Player 1 then attacks the zone inside out and takes a wide angle shot. At this point you can alos emphasize shooting for a rebound. After player 2 has taken their shot they will retreat to the high slot and hunt for the rebound of of player 1's shot.

A couple of variations can be included as well. If you want to work on puck skills then you can eliminate the extra give and go pass in the neutral zone. If you really want to work on puck control then you can eliminate the passing in the neutral zone completely.

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