Three Sided Box Retrieval Station

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This is a good skill station that works on forwards to backwards transitions, backwards to forwards transitions, puck retrieval, and shooting. To set up this station you need three barriers, a tire or cone, and one net. Players will line up along the wall and the coach will have the pucks at the neutral zone dot (refer to the diagram). To start the drill:

  • the coach throws a puck into the box.
  • first player will retrieve it and¬†transition backwards.
  • once outside the box the player transitions forwards and takes a shot on net.
  • after the shot transition backwards around the tire / cone.
  • the coach will throw a second puck back into the box.
  • the player will retrieve the puck again.
  • transition backwards with the puck.
  • transition to forwards on the other side of the box.
  • take a second shot on net.


nateelliott on 10/21/2018

Good for d

Coachclifford19 on 10/11/2018


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