Split Ice Full Length Backcheck Game

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Turn conditioning and backchecking into a competitive game. This game creates a situtation in which players need to use a couple of concepts in order to be successful. To give players enough repetitions it can be good to spit the ice in half the full length of the ice. Set up the game so that each team is in a corner on one side of the ice. Coaches will have the pucks on the other side of the net.

To start, the first player on one team will start on the hash marks with the puck while the first player (the backchecker) will start on the goal line. They will skate straight away towards the goal and try to not get caught from behind by the backchecker. When the backchecker gets to the dot they stop and look to retrieve the puck played by the coach. At the same time the player from the corner will now backcheck the other way. The play is continuous back and forth.

To make a game of it you can make it so that the first team to score 5 goals wins. This will increase the compete level and add a little fun to it.

Coaching Points

  • Players should push the puck with one hand and not over stickhandle the puck.
  • Backcheckers have to move their feet until their shoulders are even with the puck carrier (no reaching from behind).

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