Soft Chip Overlap Possession Hockey Drill

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Playing the puck into space can be a good way to gain possession of the puck in the offensive zone can be challenging especially when the opponents hold the blue line well.  Here is a hockey drill that works on placing the puck into space and then generating a quick scoring opportunity.  The players line up in four lines at the neutral zone face off dots with pucks.  The first player in line (P1) will pass a puck to the first player in the other line (P2) and skate towards them, recieve a pass right back, and then make another pass to the same player as they move to the boards. P2 after making the mirst pass back to P1 sprints to the boards and receives a second pass.  P2 should take a step off the boards to create a good angle to chip the puck into the offensive zone.  The chip should be soft enough to end up around the hash marks.  P1 is skating full speed over the blue line and will puck up the puck and make a tight control turn towards the boards as they maintain control coming back up the wall.  After P2 chips the puck into the zone they have to skate around their line and then deep into the zone, overlapping with P1. P1 should chip the puck deeper into the zone where P2 can skate into it and maintain possession and look for a pass into the scoring area. After P1 chips the puck to P2 they skate into the slot and look for a return pass.


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