Skilled Passing to 1 on 1 Battle Drill diagram

A drill that begins with a skilled passing & shot element before a 1v1 battle drill. Players really enjoy this drill because they are able to work on a high end skill before they battle each other to score on net.


  1. Two players start at the neutral zone face-off dots.
  2. One player starts with a puck. Both players cross each other in center ice, complete a drop pass and then work to pass around or over an obstacle. In the video the players are performing a sauce pass over an object.
  3. The two players then race to the net to try to complete a back door tap in.
  4. After the tap-in attempt, the coach fires a puck in the corner which begins a 1v1 battle. 
  5. Each player works to battle and score a goal. The battle should go 5-15 seconds.


  • Work on different passes or skills in the first part of the drill.

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