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This drill is great for players to work on quick passes and quick shots.  It can be a great warm up drill before you work on power play because it allows players to focus on quick, one touch passes and quick, one touch shots.  This is also a great work out for goalies.  Four players are set up in the zone as shown in the diagram, each with a pile of pucks.  The players should be on their off-hand side so they can shoot quicker off the pass. There are two sets of two players that will pass with each other.  They should alternate turns.  The player who starts the drill passes to their partner and receives the pass right back (one time pass) and shoots off the pass. The other two players then start once the shot is taken. Players alternate making the first pass and therefore alternate shooting. Players should focus on hard, low shots that HIT the net.  You can add variations so that players are passing with one of the other three players as well.


jeff.chapman on 7/17/2019

One timer

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