Shoot and Shadow 1 vs. 1

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Here is a 1 vs. 1 hockey drill you can run out of both ends.  For defense, this hockey drill works on puck control, gap control, and transition footwork.  Forwards are able to work on hunting rebounds, proper puck support in the breakout, and 1 on 1 creativity.

Set up the hockey drill as shown in the diagram with pucks in the corner with the forwards and with the coaches along the wall.  On the whistle the defense will skate across the ice and transition around the face off dot.  The first forward in line will make a pass to the defense as they transition backwards.  The defense will control the puck and walk the puck to the middle of the ice for a shot on net.  The forward that made the pass follows the pass up the half wall and once the defense reaches the middle of the ice they skate towards the net hunting a rebound. After the shot the forward becomes the center in the breakout and provides an outlet pass for the coach on the wall.  The forward needs to try and stay inside the dots and receive a flat (horizontal) pass from the coach on the wall.  The forward wants to create seperation from the defense so they have time and space coming out of the zone.  If the forward gets too far ahead of the play and is looking back for the pass, then the defense can step up.  


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