Run Ragged Small Area Game

Run Ragged Small Area Game diagram

The emphasis of this hockey drill for forwards is moving without the puck.  The emphasis for defense is stops and starts with an active stick.  The diagram shows a set up for a half ice practice, however, it can be used in a full ice situation as well. The hockey drill is set up with four cones in a square in front of the net about 20 feet apart.  Three forwards start with one puck and each player starts next to one of the cones.  The defender starts in the middle.  

On the whistle the player with the puck has to pass to another forward and then move to the cone that is not occupied.  Every time a forward makes a pass they must move to the open cone.  After five consecutive passes the forwards can take a shot on net.  The defender must try to intercept a pass.  If the defender disrupts the play, the coach gives one of the forwards a new puck and the play continues.


  • If the forwards are getting the drill dialed in, add a 2nd defenceman so the game is 3 vs 2!
  • You can also make the areas smaller or larger with the cones. It is up to you, have fun with it!!

Supporting Fundamentals


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Small area

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