Royal Puck Protection Down Low

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Here is a follow up to the previous Royal Puck Protection Drill and is a good one to use in the same practice session.  The key focus of this hockey drill is on protecting the puck, moving the feet, and in this variation moving out from below the goal line for a scoring opportunity.

To set up the drill form two lines just off to the side of the crease and a few feet off of the goal line.  The first player in line takes a puck and skates along the boards outisde the tire then starts up the wall.  After a stride or two up the wall they do a control turn with the puck and go back around the tire.  With the puck they will attack the net from below the goal line yet in front of the line.  The second player in line will use their stick to force the puck carrier to protect the puck.  The puck carrier also has to try and protect the puck from the goalies.

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