Quick Turn Up 2 On 2

Quick Turn Up 2 On 2 diagram

This 2 vs 2 drill is excellent for working on high-speed turnovers or transitions in the neutral zone. When a turnover occurs in the neutral zone it is important for the forwards to get up ice quick, find passing lanes and work to generate a scoring opportunity. On the defensive side of things, it is important to work with your partner to keep the forwards to the outside of the ice with good gap control. 

The video clip is from Buffalo Sabres Development Camp. The drill is set up to be half-ice situation but it is running out of both sides of the ice for full ice drill. Coaches can easily set up this drill to be full ice (like shown in the video), half ice (with only one side running), full-ice half-width (so the other width can be used for stations) or a 1/4 ice station. The variety of ways this drill can be set up makes this an excellent option for many ages and skill levels.


  • Have 2 forwards and 2 defensemen ready to go 2 vs 2.
  • Can be full ice, half ice, or set up as a 1/4 station.
  • When the whistle blows, the two forwards cross to generate speed coming through the neutral zone. You can have the players skate around the players waiting for their turn (like it is shown in the video). This makes it hard for the defense to know which forward is coming out with the puck.
  • The forwards go into the zone and the 2 vs 2 begins.
  • The forwards work to score a goal. The play goes until a goal is scored, the play is whistled down, or the defense takes the puck out of the zone.
  • When the whistle is blown all players need to sprint out of the zone.

Forward Coaching Points:

  • Forwards should work to generate speed crossing over at the start of the drill.
  • Forwards should be mindful of the defense and consider crossing with their teammate to drop the puck or changing up their skating speed to create space and throw off the defenceman's gap.
  • The forward without the puck should be looking to go to open space to be an outlet or driving to the net to bring the defense with them.
  • Communicate with your teammate!

Defensive Coaching Points:

  • Stick on the ice!
  • Use good defensive stick position to steer forwards to the outside and take away dangerous passes.
  • Work on keeping a close gap to the forwards. You do not want to be so far back that they can easily shoot.
  • Work to angle forwards to the outside of the ice.
  • Communicate with your partner!


Supporting Fundamentals


Revelstoke on 12/18/2019

start with 2 on 1

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