Quick Start Continuous Outlet

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The Quick Start Continuous Outlet from NewEdge Hockey helps players practice breakout passing, retrievals, communication, and more. This drill should have flow and a very strong focus on quality passing.


  • Split up players on each of the half-walls.
  • One player will start in the slot and receive a pass to start the drill:
    • Part # 1: Continuous Outlet Passing: players will work on practicing to both of their outlets (as shown in the video).
    • Part # 2: Continuous Retrieval Outlet Pass: players work on retrieving a puck off of the boards before they pass to their outlet (as shown in the video).
    • Part # 3: Continuous Retrieval Reverse Outlet Pass: players work on retrieving a puck off of the boards, then performing a reverse curl (with puck protected) before they pass to their outlet (as shown in the video).

Coaching Points

  • Passing: Put a strong emphasis on passing quality and communication during this drill.
  • Vision: The defenseman's quick start should get them into a position that allows them to see as much ice in front of them as possible. If not pressured, the defenseman should not turn their shoulders while moving behind the net. Doing so will take most of their vision/options away.
  • Footwork: When the situation permits, a right handed defenseman should always put their left skate out on a forward to backward pivot which puts them in a ready to receive position instead of a crossed up position. Left handed defenseman should lead with thier right skate.

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