Quarter Ice Puck Race #8

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This race is all about speed and quick changes of direction using tight turns.

Set Up

Place 2 tires about 2 stick lengths apart high in the zone near the outer edge of the station. Please refer to the diagram for more details. Place 2 equal lines of players on each side of the coach at the blue line.

How to Race

The players skate forwards around the net with awareness so they do not collide. They skate back towards the opposite line on the inside of the tires. At the 2nd tire the players make a tight turn towards the outside of the station, cut through the tires and make another tight turn around the other tire to make a figure eight. They they use cross-overs to gain speed around the outside of both tires and rave for the puck back through the middle.

Credit: Diagram and animation produced using Hockey Coach Vision.

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