Quarter Ice Puck Race #1

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This race is ideal for a station based practice plan with four stations. It challenges players to work on tight control turns, quick starts, and forward skating. 


Place one tire/cone down close to the goal line and one out close to the blue line (please see the diagram). Split the players into two lines with each line on the outside of the tires. If possible try to match up players of similar abilities.

The Race

In this race the players skate forwards the entire time. They do a tight control turn around the tire close to the goal line then another tight turn towards the middle of the ice around the next tire and then race for the puck.

Credit: Diagram and animation produced using Hockey Coach Vision.


Ryangillis29 on 9/15/2020

Both players start with puck, more stickhandling and skating under stress of winning the drill.

First person to go to the net get first shot. Second person must do a tight turn (360) up high before taking their shot. Both players now continue to play out the rebound.

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