Quarter Ice Obstacle Course #1

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This obstacle course works on inside edges, jumps, balance, and control turns.

Set Up

Divide up players into two teams and place in two lines on the goal line. The first set of obstacles is 5 staggered cones. After the cones place 4 sticks perpendicular to the path about 4 feet apart. One tire should be placed at the far side of the station. Along each edge there should be a smal barrier or a stick on top of a cone (something high enough for players to jump over).

How the race is run

On the first set of obstacles the players do inside edges around the cones. Then they do one foot step overs across all four sticks. At the tire they do a full control turn all the way around the tire. Then they skate back towards the line and do two footed jumps over the barriers along the way.

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