Quad Passing Drill

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This is another drill that requires quick passing and will help players develop a feel for the puck.  Set up requires four players per face off circle.  P1, P2, and P3 set up on three sides of the circle and P4 is in line behind P1.  To start, P1 and P2 pass the puck back and forth using one time passes.  After 4-5 passes, P2 makes a pass to P3 and skates around the circle to receive a pass back from P3 across the circle from P3. P2 then one touches the puck to P4 who is now in P1's position.  P1 has moved to P3's position and P3 moves to P2's position after they have made the pass to P2.  P3 and P4 now pass back and forth until P3 makes a pass to P1 and the drill repeats.


Hockeydad4 on 2/20/2018

Passing drill 

Christian on 12/2/2014


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