Push & Pull Relays

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In these relay races players will be working on their forward strides. There are two variations and for each variation the players simply skate out around the tire and back to the goal line. Once they cross the goal line the next pair can go. In every race each pair will go two times so that players can switch roles.

Push Partner

In this version one player is backwards and one player is forwards. The players hold each others sticks at about shoulder height together. The player going forward pushes the other player, the player going backward just glides and tries to steer them in the right direction.

Pull Partner

This is also commonly known as the chariot race. The player in front will hold a stick in each hand while the player in back will squat down and hold the sticks under their arm by the stick blade. The player in front skates while the player in back is squating down low and enjoying the ride.

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