Puck Tag - Stickhandling and Awareness Game

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This game is guaranteed to be loved by your players. It may involve some participation of your coaches but players can also be used as the "taggers". The game forces players to maintain puck control while having to be aware of what is going on around them.

Set Up

The game is best set up in a zone or station. Each player will start with a puck. Designate 2 or 3 players or coaches to be the "taggers". On the whistle players will skate around the zone while maintaining control of their puck and trying to not get touched by a "tagger". If a player gets tagged they must hold their stick in their top hand with the puck touching the blade of their stick and the bottom hand high up in the air and their feet spread to shoulder width apart. They cannot join the game again until another player attacks thir triangle by stickhandling through their legs or under their stick (triangle created by stickblade and feet). The goal for the "taggers" is to try and get all the players "frozen" at the same time.

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