Puck Protection Weight Shift Moving

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Drill Setup:

  • 2 lines of players on goal line.
  • Recommend performing drill without a puck for a few reps then adding a puck once understanding show.
  • Player is going to skate down the middle alternating/weight shifting down the ice. Stick and puck on one side of body as they lean the opposite way.
  • Drill is meant to be done slow and controlled. Player should be feeling out the position and making sure they are performing all the details correctly.

Drill Purpose:

  • Purpose of this drill is to add movement to weight shift position, but still perform it in a slow controlled manner. Players should be really getting the feel of the position and all the details of weight shifting and protecting the puck before putting it into drills.

Common Mistakes:

  • All the same mistakes as standing still weight shift drill (leaning on pants, leaning into puck and not away, stick ahead of front leg).
  • A mistake that is common with movement that you do not see when performing this drill standing still is both feet at on edges. Many players tend to drag their outside foot putting 90% of their weight on one leg (off balance). A gain we are looking for more of a~60 -40 weight distribution. Both feet should be at on the ice creating a solid foundation to take a hit. If a player is dragging their foot they really are just on one leg and can will be easily knocked off the puck.

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