Puck Control Relays

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Here is a fun relay race setup that works on three types of puck control skills.  It is a great half ice hockey drill for younger hockey players in which they will have a lot of fun with as well. Players will work on single shifts, protecting the puck in control turns, and pushing the puck without stickhandling. The setup requires 8 pucks on each side (as shown),  5 cones, and two teams.

The first skill is single shifts through the setup of pucks.  They players stay between the pucks and stickhandle to the outside of the pucks using a single shift.  You may dictate which side for each race, for example, have players always move the puck to their forehand side to go around the puck.

The second skill requires the players to do control turns around the cones on the neutral zone.  Because the two teams are moving in opposite directions they have to keep their heads up.  In this zone over handling the puck can slow the players down. Encourage players to move the puck from forehand to backhand as they go around the cones and not stickhandle between cones.

The third skill is skating fast with the puck.  Players should learn how to push the puck with one hand while keeping their head up.  Many players will have a tendency to overhandle the puck so hopefully under the pressure of a race they will learn they can skate faster when pushing the puck.

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