Philly Down Low Progression #1

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This is an offensive zone drill that is focused on skill sets for forwards, specifically puck protection down low. In the second variation supporting the puck is emphasized as well.  The cones set up in the animation are optional and act as nothing more than guides.  To set up, place two equal lines on each offensive zone face off dot with pucks in each line.  Place one player in the high slot on the weak side of the ice from the line that will start the drill.

On the whistle the first player (F1), of coach, dumps a puck so that it ends up on the net side of the cone as shown in the diagram.  F1 then attacks the loose puck from around the cone, retreives it, and makes a tight control turn towards the wall as if to protect the puck.  Encourage the players to keep moving thier feet up the wall to the next cone where they will do another tight control turn towards the wall.  Again, the players should protect the puck by keeping their body between the middle of the ice and the puck.  The next player in line or the coach can then stand by the first cone and provide passive pressure as the player attacks the net from behind the goal line.  The player in the high slot times their break to the far post to give F1 the option for a back door pass.  F1 should read the goalie before making their decision.  F2 needs to time their break to the net so they are coming into the play as opposed to having to stop in the low slot and wait for F1.

After the play then F1 slides up to the high slot and becomes F2 for the next repetition tha starts from the other line.

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