Neutral Zone Transition Warm Up

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This drill focuses on a regroup situation and is a good drill to use on days when you may be working on neutral zone transitions.  To set up the  drill place the pucks along the boards at the blue line as shown and designate two passers at each point.  The rest of the players form two lines at center ice facing opposite directions.  On the whistle the first two players skate forwards from the line without a puck inside the blue line, transition backwards, and call for a pass from the player along the boards. After receiving the pass the player transitions forwards and gives the other designated player (who should now be at the red line) a pass and then explode up ice to receive a pass back.  The player then takes a shot on net.  The designated passers first make a pass to the player that is transitioning inside the blue line, then they sprint up to the blue line and stop, and make a one-touch pass back to the  player coming from the other direction. The designated passers should use stop and starts to move between the blue line and red line.  After about 5 reps switch out the designated passers with fresh players.


jkoz on 8/15/2015
Great conditioning drill

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