Neutral Zone Six Shooter

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This diagram looks much more complicated than it really is.  Watch the animation and you will see that it is a simple drill that allows six players to go at one time.  This is a neutral zone station drill designed for younger players.  Set up the drill with three cones arranged as shown in the diagram. Every player will start with a puck and start on the whistle.

P1 skates straight up to the cone and does a tight control turn while maintaining good puck control.  Then they have a shot on net.  Player 2 skates around the net and out to the cone at center ice.  They also do a control turn while keeping their head up so they do not collide with the other Player 2.  They also go in and take a shot on net.  Player 3 skates around the net and all the way to the far cone where they do a control turn and then skate back towards the net for a a shot on net.

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