Neutral Zone Puck Control Setup #1

This station hockey drill is setup for young players to work on stickhandling and puck control.  In the first set of cones the players simply weave in and out of the cones. Players should use their forehands and backhands to control the puck through the cones.  At the end of the first set of cones they do a control turn around each tire while controlling the puck.  In the last set of cones they do more control turns around each cone.

An important area of emphasis is to encourage players to keep their eyes up.  Have coaches stand at both ends watching players' eyes and reminding them to keep their eyes up.  It is especially important at these young ages.  If they are allowed to develop and grow while playing with their head down it is such a tough habit to break when they are older.

On the first set of cones more advanced players can try to move the puck to one side of the cone while their body goes to the opposite side.

Supporting Fundamentals



Coachclifford19 on 5/9/2018


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