Net Play Goalie Drill - 1 on 0

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Thanks to In The Crease Goaltending for contributing to our list of goalie drills! This goalie drill for hockey allows goalies an opportunity to work on playing the puck as it is rimmed behind the net.  The goalies need to control the puck, be aware of the outlet pass, make a hard accurate pass to the forward, then get back in position as quickly as possible.

To set up place a line of players at the blue line with pucks at each side along the wall.  The drill starts by the player rimming the puck around the net and then going down to the hash marks to be available for an outlet pass.  The goalie has to get behind the net, control the puck, and make an outlet pass to the player that rimmed the puck.  When the foward receives the puck they skate out around the cone and come back on the goalie 1 on 0.  Instruct the players to get their head up as they go around the cone and take advantage of the shot if the goalie is out of position at all.  Part of the challenge for goalies is to get their bearings as quickly as possible after making the pass so they are in perfect position by the time the forward in the slot.

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