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Here is a hockey drill that allows defense and forwards to work on some offensive zone skills.  Defense will work on receiveing a pass from down low and moving off the wall with the puck.  Forwards will work on on one-time shots and coming out from behind the net.  To set up the drill, split the defense into two lines at the blue line along the boards.  The forwards are also split into two lines at the neutral zone face off dots.  To get the drill started one forward will start in front of the net and on the whistle they will sprint into the corner to retreive a puck and make a pass to the defense. After the pass the forward gets another puck and is ready to send a puck down low behind the net to the next forward.  The defense receive the pass and move off the boards.  As they move off the boards the forward from the other side sprints to the back post for a one timer option from the defense.  After the play the forward goes behind the net and looks for the next puck that will be coming along the boards from the first forward.  The forward should try to get the puck off the boards and in front of the net as quickly as possible.  The forward can attack either side of the net.


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Oliver on 8/2/2015

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