Mid Pair Wall Retrievals

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This is a great warm-up drill for defensemen from NewEdge Hockey that can be used all of the time. This setup offers tons of repetitions for common defenseman movements. Deception is a critical, must-have skill for defensemen, and sending false signals takes work to do well. Lots of versions from toes and head left to right take, fan at puck, and so on. Puck on hip, eyes up, and superior passing are skills and habits that defenseman need to make a difference in today's game.


  • Each player has a partner. Player 1 chips the puck to the boards, retrieves it, and passes it to Player 2. Player two then chips the puck and continues the drill.
  • Progression # 1: Fake forehand to reverse curl.
  • Progression # 2: Head up quick pass.
  • Progression # 3: Any variation you want! This setup can allow defenders to reinforce retrieval movements. Use deception and keep your head up!

Coaching Points

  • Head up!
  • Look over your shoulder as you are skating to the puck (make sure to practice this habit!)
  • Practice deception in retrievals with your toes, hips, stick, head & eyes!

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