Layered 1 v 1's diagram

Layered 1v1s

  • Drill starts with the Forward slightly outside of the zone. Two Defense (D1 & D2) are positioned in the zone with imaginary lines for their respective areas. D1's zone is between the top of the circle to the blue line. D2's zone from the goal line to the top of the circle.
  • The objective is for F1 to use heads-up awareness, anticipation, skating, and puck skills to evade both defensemen in their respective "zones" and try to score.
  • The D must stay in their respective area to shut down the F, focusing on angling, body and stick positioning and spatial awareness. If F gets past D1 and into the next zone, D1 will let up and stop pressuring. When the F enters the zone for D2, D2 activates to pressure and try to shut down the forward from a scoring chance. 

Great for small area stations and skill groups.

Progressions for more players involved:  Have 2 Fs start so it becomes layered 2v1s in small/tight areas

Progression for transition or SAG: If F gets a shot on net, 1 pt. If F scores a goal, 2 pts. If either D steals the puck from the F, they must make a successful pass to the other defensemen and then skate it out for a point.

Progression for Continuous: Set up players on both halves of the zone so that each side as 1F, 2D (6 total players). One side starts the drill. If D breaks up the play, they must make a pass to the F on the other side to immediately activate the other side. If the F makes it through both defensemen for a shot, coach puts a new puck in the corner, the 2 D battle the 1 F to gain possession and make the pass to the other side. 

Coaching Points

  • This drill challenges players to not only think about getting past the first defender, but immediately getting past the second defender in a very tight area.
  • After each rep, ask the offensive player what they saw or noticed (i.e. the defenders' stick positioning, defenders' body positioning or where they saw an opening to create a scoring chance).
  • Encourage creativity in these small areas - players must think and move quickly.
  • Increase or decrease the space of the drill or starting point of each position to change up the challenge for the players. 

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