Hard Rim One on One

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 This ice hockey drill is challenging especially for defense, but it allows players to work on a couple of important skills.  It is important to view the animation to understand the entire flow of the drill.  One skill is the ability for the wingers to get the puck to the center as it is rung around the boards in the defensive zone.  Defense will be challenged as they will skating fowards towards the center and then transitioning backwards in order to play a 1 on 1.  The goal for the defense is to hold the blue line.  Create four lines of forwards near center ice as shown in the diagram.  Two lines of defense with pucks are set on each side of the center ice circle.  On the whistle the defense takes a puck and shoots it hard around the boards.  The defense then has to turn around and skate forward to regain as much ice as possible to take  on the center from the other side.  The forwards, at the start of the drill, skate into the zone anticipating the hard dump in.  The winger has to get to the boards and make a good breakout play to the center. Encourage them to make direct passes and chips off the boards.   The center needs to time their curl so they can receive the pass with speed and attack the opposite defense on a one on one situation. The forwards need to stay on their 1/3 of the ice to avoid collisions with the lines at center ice.

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