Half Ice (Full Length) Stretch Pass Series

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One down side to station based practices is that players don't get to skate the full length of the ice. Here is a station drill that uses half of the ice but the full length. This drill works on passing the puck up the ice using two different methods, a direct pass, and an in-direct pass (off the wall). The timing concept will most likely be the most difficult for the young players to grasp so it can be a good idea to place a coach at each line and let the coach dictate when to go.

Series #1

One player will start the drill by carrying a puck through the neutral zone, make a lateral move around the barrier, and then take a shot. After the shot the player will make sure to stop at the net and look for a rebound then go to the corner to retreive a puck. Once player #1 has retreived the puck and is facing up ice then player #2 starts. Player #2 swings through just inside the pad showing their forehand and calling for the puck. They should receive the puck while facing the passer or slightly horizontal. After receiving the puck they will go down the ice, make a lateral move on the barrier, take a shot, and repeat what player #1 just did. Now the drill becomes continuous.

Series #2

The next progression works the same way except now the pass is made off of the wall around the barrier. The receiving player will go behind the barrier to retreive the puck. They should time it so they are skating into the puck and NOT looking back for it. Everything else works the same as series #1.

Optional Progression (add a backchecker)

If you want to add an element of intensity then you can add a backchecking element. The player that makes the pass will now backcheck against the player receiving the puck. This progression works best in series #2.

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