Golden Cross

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This is a half ice hockey drill that works the players hard, involves lots of footwork, incorporates puck touches, and finishes with a give & go for a shot.  Have the players line up starting at the bottom of one of the face off circles.  Make sure the line curls away from the net so no one is hit with a shot.   One player needs to stand near the top of the circle as shown in the diagram.  The first player starts by doing an Iron Cross.  They finish the Iron Cross by stopping at the hash marks along the boards.  Then they sprint up towards the coach who is at center ice along the boards and pivot backwards.  The coach will make as many passes to them as possible as they skate backwards to the opposite side.  When they get to the opposite side they transition forwards, pick up a puck along the boards and make a power turn around the cone.  Then they explode off the wall while contolling the puck and make a give and go with the player at the top of the face off circle before taking a quick shot on net.  After the shot that player becomes the passer for the player coming behind them.


livewell87 on 10/8/2019


livewell87 on 9/28/2019
CoachBob76 on 11/3/2018

exercice 3

Gener11 on 9/4/2018

Good skating drill with puck touch elements for a small group

cspearsy on 8/3/2018

Half ice, conditioning, quick feet passing and shooting 

poulj001 on 6/5/2018

Wednesday June 5,2018

bblazersled on 3/24/2018


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