Full Ice Skills Series - 1 Goalie

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This setup allows players to work on a variety of fundamental skills using the full ice sheet when only one goalie is available. Down one side of the ice you can place 5 - 6 tires in a formation that supports the skills you will be working on. Players will perform the skills down that side of the ice and after the last tire / cone they will make a pass to the coach in the opposite corner. The players will support the puck through the slot and receive a pass back from the coach. The players will then work on their forward stride while pushing the puck with one hand all the way down the ice to take a shot on net. When players get to the second tire / cone then the next player can go. This will help keep the players moving so we have 4 - 6 players moving at the same time.

The skills players work on in this setup are only limited by the coaches choices.

Coaching Points

  • Support the puck when moving through the slot to receive the pass from the coach.
  • Stay low with full extension and full recovery when working on the forward stride.
  • Push the puck instead of stickhandling to maintain speed.
  • Keep puck close to the blade and slightly off to the body when pushing the puck with the backhand.

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