Four Shot Half Ice Shooting Drill

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This is a half ice shooting drill that incorporates 4 shots from 4 different locations.  It incorporates puck protection, moving the feet, quick shots, defense to defense puck movement, and shots from the point.  Line 1 and 2 start at the same time.  Both players will sprint up the wall, make a tight turn towards the wall (puck protect), make another tight turn towards the wall, and then move their feet off the half wall.  F1 will moe their feet into the slot and take a shot and stop at the net.  F2 will carry the puck around the circle and as they come up the wall they will open up and make a pass to the next player in line.  F2 will get a return pass  in the slot and take the second shot.  After the second shot D1 will come down  the wall, transition backwards and call for the third puck.  At the same time, D2 skates to the middle of the ice and transitions to work away from D1 and receive a pass for the third shot.  After the third shot D2 goes to the half wall, tranistions backwards and receives the fourth puck from the corner.  D1 has now come to the middle of the ice to receive a defense to defense pass from D2 for the fourth shot.


panthers hockey on 1/6/2016

warm up

demo10 on 12/8/2015

Good half ice warmup

CoachJ on 11/23/2015

Good warm up.  Both F and D involved.  Offensive zone-like

SMHBantamgirls on 11/16/2015

Great shooting drill with goalie screening 

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